Women's Ministry

LifePoint Women work together to meet the needs of women at LifePoint by encouraging them to worship, grow, connect, serve and share! Some of the ongoing opportunities are highlighted below:

Bible Studies for Women

LifePoint Women offers various weekly Bible studies throughout the year. Studies are offered on Wednesday night and Thursday morning, and childcare is offered during both. The Wednesday evening study meets from 6:30-8:00pm and follows the Plan & Promise curriculum. The Thursday morning study meets from 9:30-11:00am and is studying the Bible chronologically.

One Thursday morning, the ladies took a break from studying through a passage of scripture in order to learn more about our Protestant roots with Pastor Jym.  He spoke on Martin Luther and the Reformation.  You can hear that talk here:

Jym Gregory on Martin Luther and the Reformation, January 17, 2019

Tables of Christmas

Come enjoy beautiful tables decked out for the holidays, delicious cheesecake and a dynamic speaker at this annual outreach event, typically held during the first weekend in December. Visit our Facebook page for upcoming information.

Special Events

LifePoint Women plan special events throughout the year including retreats, local and away conferences, and other events. Check our Church Calendar for upcoming events and specific times and dates of all of LifePoint Women’s activities!

Go Deeper: I AM

The Bread of Life - Dorinda Guinn

The Light of the World - MaryAnn DeMotte

The Door and the Good Shepherd - Shelley Lytle

The Resurrection and the Life - Michelle Krumenacher

The True Vine - Beth Simon

The Way, the Truth, and the Life - Katie Smith

Go Deeper: A Study of 1 Peter

If you missed this event (from January 26 & 27) and wish to go deeper in your own study of 1 Peter, to see how we can stand firm in the hope of the gospel amidst the suffering, ever-changing and fallen world around us, or if you'd like to listen a second time to our five sessions on this important book, click on one of the sessions below: 

I.      1 Peter 1:1-12         HOPE            -    Beth Simon

II.     1 Peter 1:13 - 2:10  IDENTITY      -    Katie Smith

III.    1 Peter 2:11 - 3:17  WITNESS      -    Katie Smith

IV.     1 Peter 3:18 - 4:19  SUFFERING   -    Beth Simon

V.      1 Peter 5:1-14   STANDING FIRM  -    Beth Simon/Katie Smith

Go Deeper: A Study of 2 Peter

If you missed this event (November 2 and 3) and wish to go deeper in your own study of 2 Peter, where we studied the certainty that comes with our faith in Jesus, here are sessions one and two of our three sessions, as well as a special testimony (we apologize as our third session accidentally did not record):

2 Peter 1 - MaryAnn DeMotte

2 Peter 2 - Beth Simon

Testimony - Havilah McDermott

Adorned Women's Bible Study

Summer 2018 our women studied Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth’s book, “Adorned,”and Titus 2 to see what kind of community and influence God has designed for us. Click on the links below to hear the large group lessons from each week of the study.  

Adorned Study - Week 1

Adorned Study - Week 2

Adorned Study - Week 3

Adorned Study - Week 4

Adorned Study - Week 5

Adorned Study - Week 6

Adorned Study - Week 7

Adorned Study - Week 8

Adorned Study - Week 9

Adorned Study - Week 10

Adorned Study - Week 11