We are currently moving through the book of Genesis.  Below is a link to the overview of the book, and sermons are available on our sermon page in both audio and video format with notes. 

Genesis Overview (pdf)

Plan and Promise (Year 2 begins again January 3, 2021) 

We are teaching through the entirety of the Bible in a four-year window (see link below for a detailed scope and sequence and schedule). This class is primarily taught by the pastor of discipleship, Nate Meece, along with other pastors and elders. Plan and Promise traces the storyline of God’s people from Adam to Abraham to the establishment of the nation of Israel and then culminated in the New Testament Church. This weekly study meets every Sunday during first service and is designed to take participants through the entire Bible in four years. A devotional guide is available below and at the Information Center to help you stay in the Word and prepare you for the teaching.  You are welcome to join us any time for this class, and the latest class recording is available to you for several months, as listed below the following materials:

Plan and Promise: Scope and Sequence / Year 2 Devotional

Previous Plan & Promise Recordings

Hosea 1-3 (Note: due to sound failure, first 10 minutes from Jan 17, 2021; remainder is from 2018)


Introduction to Minor Prophets

Acts 21:17-28 From Jerusalem to Rome

Acts 14-21:16 Missionary Journeys 2 and 3

Acts 10-13 The Early Church(3) and 1st Missionary Journey (1)

Acts 6-9 The Early Church part 2

Acts 1-5 The Early Church part 1

Luke 20-24 Jesus and His Passion

Luke 10-16 Jesus and His Journey to Jerusalem

Luke 1-9 Jesus and His Galilean Ministry

2 Kings 18-25 Judah Falls

2 Kings 11-17 Israel Falls

1 Kings 17 through 2 Kings 10 Elijah and Elisha

1 King 12-15 A Kingdom Divided

1 Kings 1-11 - Solomon

Overview of Genesis through 2 Samuel

2  Samuel 13-24 Consequences: A Family in Turmoil

2 Samuel 8-12 Grace Displayed and Grace Needed

2 Samuel 1-7 Zion and the Eternal Throne

1 Samuel 22-31 Saul and David Part 2

1 Samuel 16-21 Saul and David - Part 1

1 Samuel 8-15 Roots of the Monarchy

1 Samuel 1-7 Samuel

Judges 17-21 Corruption

Judges 10-16 Spiral of Apostasy - Part 2

Judges 1-9 Spiral of Apostasy - Part 1

Joshua 13-24 Living in the Land

Joshua 6-12 Taking the Land

Joshua 1-5 Moving Into the Land

Deuteronomy Overview video with Mason Storm and Nate Meece

Deuteronomy 27-34 Moses' Last Days

Deuteronomy 12-26 Moses' Speech - Part 2

Deuteronomy 1-11 Moses' Speech - Part 1

Numbers 20-36 Kadesh to Moab

Numbers 10:11-19:22 Kadesh

Numbers 1-10 Preparing to Enter the Land

Leviticus 17-27 Holiness and Obedience

Leviticus 8-16 The Priesthood and Responsibilities

Leviticus 1-7 Offerings

Exodus 35-40 Tabernacle Built

Exodus 32-34 Covenant Broken and Renewed

Exodus 25-31 The Tabernacle

Exodus 19-24 At Sinai

Exodus 14-19 The Journey Begins

Exodus 11-13 Passover

Exodus 1-10 Israel's Plight and the Call of Moses

Genesis 37-50 Joseph

Genesis 28-36 Jacob

Genesis 24-27 Isaac

Genesis 17:15-23:20 Isaac's Birth and Lot

Genesis 12-17 The Call and Covenant of Abraham

Genesis 4-11 The Continual Spiral of Sin

Genesis 1-3 Creation, Man, and the Fall

Introduction: The Flow of Biblical History

Revelation 20-22

Revelation 17-19

Revelation 12-16

Revelation 4-11

Revelation 1-3


We are currently offering a course surveying the New Testament during our 2nd hour for adults and teens.  Recordings can be found below: 

Hebrews - Mark Hansen

Introduction to New Testament - David Denny

In 2020 we offered Apologetics, taught primarily by David Denny.  Recordings and other resources from this class can be found below:

Apologetics Week 7 - Postmodernism

Apologetics Week 6 - The Reliability of Scripture

Apologetics Week 5 - Evidence for God and the Christian Worldview

Apologetics Week 4 - Refresh (Summary of first 3 weeks)

Apologetics Week 3 - The Story of Reality from the Christian Perspective

Apologetics Week 2 - Engagement 

Apologetics Week 1 - Overview

We recently offered an Old Testament Overview class taught by Nate Meece during our Sunday Morning 10:45 service time.  Recordings of that class are found below:

Week #1:  Genesis 1-11 

Periodically there will be opportunities for training of newer believers in our Fundamentals Classes and other special interests from apologetics to Pastor Tony’s Evangelism Training to other topical studies. Keep your eyes open for these opportunities throughout the year. You can listen to recordings of some of our past seminars (Sunday morning or other times) by clicking on Seminars under the Resources tab. 

Sunday Evening Teaching


Lesson 4

Lesson 3

Lesson 2

Lesson 1

Fellows Program

The LifePoint Fellows program is an intensive discipleship track that exists to provide a framework aimed at equipping mature believers for ministry, both corporately and in their individual lives and families. It is a 36-week program (Sept.-May) that takes students through topics from church history to systematic theology to hermeneutics to worldview and the life of the church. It is a literature-oriented curriculum with an expected investment of 3-5 hours of reading a week followed by a 90-minute class on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:00 p.m. You can download a copy of the class overview or scope and sequence for more information. If this is something that interests you, please contact the church office or Pastor Nate directly. Space is limited and fills up quickly.


We offer a 16-18 week course on Biblical interpretation. It meets weekly and requires 3-5 hours of reading and working through Biblical texts, taking into account cultural and literary context and seeking appropriate application to today’s world. Contact Pastor Nate if you are interested.  Classes are capped at 8 people and space is limited.