Safety & Drop-Off Procedures

Your child’s safety while in our care is of utmost importance to us. Therefore we have designed a three-fold plan to insure the safety of every child that comes into our church:

1. Child Check-In Stations

When you and your child come to our church, you will be directed to our child check-in stations. Your child will be logged into our database and the computer will generate a name tag and ID for that day. Your child will be given the name tag and you will be given a security tag with an ID number corresponding to that of your child’s name tag. When you come to pick up your child from his/her classroom after the service, you will be required to turn in your security tag in order to leave with your child. This insures that no children leave our building with anyone other than an authorized guardian.

*All children, infant through 5th grade, must be registered and check-in at one of two check-in stations located in the children’s wing prior to the beginning of the service.

*Allergy Note: Please alert the check-in worker if your child needs an allergy sticker.

2. Building Safety

We have designed our children’s wing so that all rooms have, at the minimum, a window in the door so that classroom activities are visible at all times.

3. Our Volunteers

Every children’s worker must have both a state and national background check run. We also maintain a policy of having a minimum of two adults per classroom.