Jym Shorts

Jym Shorts - August 6, 2020

by Mary Veal on August 06, 2020

Dear Church Family,

It’s been such a blessing to see you face-to-face these last few Sundays.  But, if I’m honest, the children and the people I serve alongside are the ones I really miss!  Being able to have Vacation Bible School a few weeks ago reminded me how important our children are and the importance of investing in them spiritually

NOW is when they are forming their worldview, which is why it’s so vital that the Children’s Ministry team join you in teaching God’s word and modeling Christ-like behavior.  

Sunday has been my favorite day of the week for years because I get to worship and learn more about God with the people I’m connected to the most, my church family.  So many of you have taken the time to send me encouraging messages and pictures which has kept me feeling connected and motivated.  THANK YOU! 

I want to remind you that while the children’s department is not open on Sundays, we are still filming lessons and sending them by email.  You can also access them on the Children’s Ministry page on the church website.  Besides the first week of the shutdown, we have kept up-to-date with our curriculum by posting the lessons each Saturday.  The curriculum we use is published by LifeWay and is called The Gospel Project.  The three-year curriculum goes through the Bible chronologically and shows that the Bible is not just a collection of stories, but that it all points towards Christ.  The Bible is actually just one big story of redemption.  Here’s a very short video by Lifeway which gives you an overview.  We plan to continue producing the lesson videos even after we reopen.   


If your family is looking for some short teaching videos to use for family devotions, you can also find on the Children’s Ministry page, eleven videos that I made on the attributes of God. Each of the elementary classrooms are themed with a different attribute, which was the motivation for making the videos.  I suggest starting with “Who is God?”

While I’m extremely excited and looking forward to reopening the Children’s Ministry on September 13th, we are still in need of several volunteers in the nursery, preschool, and elementary departments.  It seems counterproductive to combine classes when we’re trying to create social distancing, so I prefer not to do that.  If you have a desire to share God’s love with children and help them grow in their understanding of how to have a relationship with Jesus, please contact me at 317-847-9128 or

Serving in children’s ministry is a blessing: it’s also a calling that we should each take seriously. I continue to be very humbled to be able to serve the families at LifePoint and appreciate the opportunity to teach children about God, the peace he gives, and the difference he makes in our eternity. I believe sharing Christ with a child is the highest calling a person can have because it impacts them for the rest of their lives! 

Have a blessed day!

Mary Veal

Director of Children’s Ministry

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