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Jym Shorts - Jym Shorts - October 12, 2017

Jym Shorts - October 12, 2017

Posted by Jym Gregory on

Back in 1985, the Community Church of Greenwood was interested in planting another community church on the south side of Indianapolis. A pastor was needed for the task, and the church turned to Tom Madon. Tom was a young pastor from Kentucky who at the time was ministering in Texas. He had graduated from Asbury Seminary, married a godly woman (Linda), and fathered three children. Tom and Linda moved their family to Indianapolis and, along with 150 people from CCG, planted the Community Church of Southport where the current St. Francis Heart Hospital is located. Hence, they and their children have been a part of our church’s history from the beginning. Although Tom, Linda and their daughters all reside in California now, his son Scott, along with his wife Wendy and their children Brooke and Seth, stayed in Indy and remain members of our church family.

Tom served as the Community Church of Southport’s pastor for 24 years, eventually helping the church through the transition to our current location, a name change to LifePoint Church, and a new pastor. In 2009, he officially retired from LifePoint, and he and Linda moved to Porterville, California. He has since started a new ministry in retirement, serving as a part-time pastor/elder at a church in Porterville. He and Linda have also been a part of numerous short-term mission trips to Cuba and Mexico, where they teach on marriage and family issues to pastors in those countries.

When Dedra and I were praying about moving our family to Indianapolis to begin a ministry here, we spent many hours with Tom and Linda, even staying in their home as their guests. I can honestly say that our relationship with them, the humility they demonstrated, and Tom’s earnest desire to see LifePoint’s ministry expand, even without his involvement, were huge factors that contributed to our willingness to come. The transition to LifePoint could not have been smoother, and that is a tribute to Tom and his willingness to decrease his role while my role increased. He turned over leadership here without a hint of struggle, and the church family was blessed as a result. Sadly, I do not have to tell you how rare this is in local church ministry.

Many of you have come to LifePoint subsequent to Tom’s ministry here, so you have not had the privilege of getting to know him and Linda. This Sunday Tom will be sharing the word with us, and he and Linda will be in attendance the following Sunday (Oct. 22) as well, before returning to California. You will be blessed by his teaching and, if you have not had the chance to meet him, I encourage you to introduce yourself. This church is Christ’s church, a part of his body, and by God’s grace, always will be. From a human perspective, however, it is built largely on Tom’s shoulders (along with Linda’s strong support). We are excited to have them back with us for a few weeks.

This Sunday will also be Jay and Christina Santos’ last Sunday with us. They, along with their children, Lila and Ezra, will be leaving for South Korea to serve as missionaries there. They go with LifePoint’s support, and as a part of our ever-expanding mission to send gospel workers to the ends of the earth. We will pray with them during each service, and they will be available to meet with those who would like to say “goodbye” in the Missions Area.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Jym



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