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Jym Shorts - Jym Shorts - November 9, 2017

Jym Shorts - November 9, 2017

Posted by Tony Guinn on

Thank you for your prayers and giving for the Colombia Mission Trip that took place from October 21-28. I once again witnessed God provide in numerous ways and be faithful to his promises. This year’s team consisted of eight people from LifePoint (you will read their testimonies below) and two OMS missionaries. We stayed at a hotel in Medellin, Colombia. However, we traveled the extremely curvy and beautiful mountain roads for 1-2 hours in and out each day to evangelize the much smaller cities of Enterrios, San Pedro De Los Milagros, and Belmira, which are north of Medellin.


It was encouraging to experience the Gospel and the interceding of the Holy Spirit firsthand in these people’s lives.  Jesus says He is the way, the truth, and the life, and people could almost tangibly distinguish the Gospel we presented to them was in fact the only way. Seeing the impact of the one true Gospel in person in Colombia has challenged me to not be fearful in sharing the Gospel here in America. -Josh Krumenacher

As we worked together as a team we became a family. To see the power of the Holy Spirit at work in each of us was life changing. We accomplished our goal to share the gospel to the people of Colombia. My mission now is to continue to proclaim the gospel to friends, family, and acquaintances here at home. Ps. 96:3, ‘Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the people.’ –Ann Lightner

I have been on mission trips in the past helping people with health needs. Our trip to Colombia was my first to evangelize. I felt very inadequate to share the gospel, but I soon realized God was by my side. Each day offered many opportunities to share the gospel. My prayer is that those who heard the gospel have come to know that Jesus is the only way to spend eternity with our Heavenly Father. –Pat Moore

During our week of sharing the gospel with the people of Colombia there were many emotional moments and many people professed faith in Christ. Obviously, this is very exciting but what I found to be the most encouraging was to see the locals from the churches we worked with get comfortable sharing the gospel with their neighbors. This is where the real fruit of our work will be multiplied as these people continue to share the gospel after we are gone. We serve an awesome God! –Terry Moore

One of my desires for this trip was to share the good news of Jesus with the men of Colombia.  God planted construction workers in my path. Debbie and I were able to share with three workers that were working on new construction.  I doubted that they would listen, but they did, and all three responded with confessions of faith. It was also a blessing to get to know my brothers and sisters from LifePoint. – Dave Oakley

My heart is full after spending a week in Colombia sharing the gospel. In a short time, I developed a love for the people. One lady told me I had come at just the right time to share Jesus with her. Another woman who had lost her husband said she had no peace. I was able to introduce her to the Prince of Peace. All of these and many more professed faith in Christ. Praise God for the Gospel! – Debbie Oakley

I was so awestruck by the people professing faith in Jesus. All I could focus on was the next door. The world portrays Colombia as a dangerous place. In reality, it was a very peaceful place and the people want to be engaged. The field is ripe in Colombia. This makes me realize how Satan fools Christians and keeps them from evangelizing here and everywhere. –Bert Rhoades

Sharing the gospel with our bus driver, his subsequent profession of faith in Jesus, his change in countenance, and his reading through the Gospel of John starting the day of his profession, was one of my highlights of the trip. I was also extremely encouraged to see everyone who went on the trip sharing the gospel with the people of Colombia.  –Pastor Tony Guinn

Approximately 400 people heard the gospel and around 230 people made professions of faith in Christ. By God’s grace, our LifePoint people boldly, and yet with gentleness and respect, were faithful in sharing the gospel. They feared God rather than man. Several who went had very little, if any, experience sharing the gospel. Now they know, by God’s grace, that they can regularly obey God’s command to evangelize wherever they are.

I doubt you will ever hear one of these people who went on the trip say that they do not have the “gift” of evangelism, that they do not have the “personality” for it, or that they have to know all the answers. They now know, primarily because the word of God makes it clear, but also by their experience through trusting and obeying God’s word, that evangelism is not only a command for every professing Christian, but also a wonderful undeserved privilege!


Pastor Tony


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