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Jym Shorts

Jym Shorts - June 28, 2018

Posted by Jym Gregory on

I keep tucked away in my “devotional” file a little half-sheet of paper with an outline on it that I taught from almost fifteen years ago. It was a short lesson I did on finding the will of God in prayer, and I utilized a large portion of material from George Mueller’s...

Jym Shorts - June 21, 2018

Posted by Chris Hanson on

As you probably know, our Missions Emphasis for 2018 is titled, “1,671 Waiting on God’s Word.” This number represents the number of languages throughout the world that still do not have any part of the Bible translated. The number represents people groups who have not yet...

Jym Shorts - June 14, 2018

Posted by Nate Meece on

I hope this blog finds you all doing well, Beloved! Last Sunday night Pastor Nate Gast walked us through what discipleship looks like in a very practical manner. The importance of personal discipleship simply cannot be overstated, and there is great joy in being a part of a body where older...

Jym Shorts - June 7, 2018

Posted by Jym Gregory on

But grace was given to each one of us according to the measure of Christ’s gift.   –Ephesians 4:7 The apostle Paul tells us something very important in this very short sentence in his letter to the church in Ephesus. Namely, grace is God’s gift to us. He...