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Jym Shorts

Jym Shorts - March 15, 2018

Posted by Jym Gregory on

Our family served as missionaries in Spain from 2003-2005.  Because Dedra and our girls had just spent the past year and a half in Latin America, I was given the task of leading the Latin American Immigrant Team. We lived in downtown Madrid, a bustling city of over 6 million people. ...

Jym Shorts - March 8, 2018

Posted by Jym Gregory on

Strive for peace with everyone, and for the holiness without which no one will see the Lord.  –Hebrews 12:14 I have a problem with holiness. Not with the concept, of course, but with the action. The reality is that I am a pretty good guy. I love my wife and family, I do not have any...

Jym Shorts - March 1, 2018

Posted by Nate Gast on

There is something tremendously humbling about trying to pastor a church in the neighborhood where you grew up.  Rarely does a Sunday go by when I am not teaching or preaching and I look out and see someone who knew me as a teenager.  I hate knowing that many of you knew me in the...