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Jym Shorts

Jym Shorts - February 23, 2017

Posted by Jym Gregory on

Beginning next Wednesday, March 1, I will embark on another forty-day journey of seeking Christ and setting aside, voluntarily, some activities that I will use as a reminder to myself that I am abiding in Christ. Literally millions of Christians (and many non-believers who will do this out of...

Jym Shorts - February 16, 2017

Posted by Jym Gregory on

I occasionally have someone from the congregation ask me about how I go about memorizing Scripture, poems, and quotes. The answer is probably a bit disappointing, because I do not have any tricks up my sleeve that I can share that will make anyone great at memorizing in three easy steps. I set...

Jym Shorts - February 9, 2017

Posted by Jym Gregory on

There was a time in the history of the church when godly Christians were considered atheists. During the second century A.D., certain Roman emperors required that all subjects of Rome believe in and offer sacrifices to the pantheon of gods that Rome celebrated. In particular, all good Romans...

Jym Shorts - February 2, 2017

Posted by Jym Gregory on

I remember a conversation from many years back that I engaged in with a colleague in ministry about deception and whether it is ever acceptable in the life of a Christian. It was a friendly conversation, with neither one of us actually defending a position - mostly just conversing about the...