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Jym Shorts

Jym Shorts - July 6, 2017

Posted by Jym Gregory on

Every fourth Sunday we gather as a Christian community and celebrate the Lord’s Supper. It is a joyful event, as it should be, even though our purpose is to recall to mind Christ’s suffering on our behalf. The Passion of Christ (his final days on earth, culminating in his...

Jym Shorts - June 29, 2017

Posted by Jym Gregory on

For here we do not have an enduring city, but we look forward to the city that is to come. – Hebrews 13:14 In A.D. 410, the Vandals, under the leadership of their king, Alaric, laid siege to the Eternal City – the city of Rome. Rome (capital of the Roman Empire) acquired that title...

Jym Shorts - June 22, 2017

Posted by Jym Gregory on

Believe it or not, we have officially started our summer series. That means summer is here, and although I love it for the weather, I am finding that seasons come and go much quicker (it seems) for me these days. Nevertheless, I am thrilled to be starting our series in Romans chapter 8...

Jym Shorts - June 15, 2017

Posted by Nate Gast on

I love being a dad. I love the constant activity around the house, the games, the lectures, the noise, and the adventure that each day brings. I love chasing them around the house, telling them stories, and pestering their mother together. I am also terrified of being a dad. Of all of the...

Jym Shorts - June 8, 2017

Posted by Jym Gregory on

Last Sunday we concluded our five month study through the book of Joshua (you know, that book that is the 6th book in the Bible : ) ). It was in some ways the most challenging book that I have ever preached through - not because it isn’t filled with many wonderful teaching points, but...

Jym Shorts - June 1, 2017

Posted by Chris Hanson on

Just a couple of months ago, I wrote a short update concerning two new projects that we would soon be starting. Because of congestion in the parking lot, we moved forward with expanding our parking lot so that our capacity for parking would match the capacity of our building. We also started the...

Jym Shorts - May 25, 2017

Posted by Jym Gregory on

Over the past several weeks I have received multiple emails asking me for suggested resources for family devotions. But a recent email asking me simply “how do you do devotions?” made me realize that encouraging families to practice devotions should be accompanied by at least a...

Jym Shorts - May 18, 2017

Posted by Jym Gregory on

There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death. –Romans 8:1-2 We are beginning to wind down our study through the book of Joshua. My hope is that you have felt...

Jym Shorts - May 11, 2017

Posted by Jym Gregory on

When I was a junior in college one of my good friends from Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship and I decided that we would meet one afternoon each week at a different residence hall on campus and find a quiet place in the lobby to pray for the students who lived there. After we prayed, we...

Jym Shorts - May 4, 2017

Posted by Jym Gregory on

If you have been a consistent reader lately of my Jym Shorts, you know that I have been reading some missions biographies again, and you know that they are some of my favorite reading. I think I am a better Christian for having read many missions biographies. I know that may sound presumptuous...

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